Stankovci village has about 2000 inhabitants, it is developing more and more as a tourist destination due to its ideal position near the A1 highway (Pirovac exit) and the proximity of Split and Zadar airports, and the position in the hinterland that provides privacy and vicinity of the city centers of Vodice, Zadar, Biograd na Moru and Šibenik, at the same time. This is an area of rich fertile land known as Ravni Kotari, especially famous for its wine production, almost every house in this area has its own vineyard.

The development of tourism is also favored by numerous remains that testify to the rich past of this area, where the first Croatian saint Sv. Nikola Tavelić (from Velim):

  • The remains of the castle (tower) and the church of St. Catherine in Budak
  • Old Croatian Church of St. Peter in Morpolača
  • Medieval Church of St. Ivan with a bell tower and a tower in Banjevci
  • Church of the Nativity of Mary in Podrebača
  • Chapel of St. Nikola Tavelić in Velim
  • Church of St. Antun Padovanski in Velim
  • The parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1885 neo-Romanesque style) in the center of Stankovci is known as the "beauty" of Ravni kotari


Facilities in the destination:

Restaurants: Gospodarstvo Roca, Fast Food Baki, Fast Food Zvonimir
Coffee bars: Baltazar, Bila Vlaka, Mate
Stores: Konzum and Studenac
Ambulance and pharmacy
Hair dressing salon
Vrana Lake, nature park
River Krka, national park
River Zrmanja, nature park with the possibility of rafting
Cities Šibenik, Split, Zadar
Sightseeing Point Kamenjak

Recommendation for accommodation in a rustic style: